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1010 (Germany)


1010 is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist known for his enigmatic, portal-like street art illusions on walls around the world. Originally from Poland, 1010 moved with his parents to Germany, when he was eight years old. For more than a decade, the artist has been painting walls and making papercuts. Previously he has created contemporary abstract birds and snakes, with some taking on tie-dye and painterly textures with an almost computer generated smoothness. For the past few years 1010 has been mostly focused on an abstract concept of making “holes on the walls”.

1010, pronounced “ten-ten”, is widely recognized for his amazing works that trick the mind to appear like holes and three dimensional shapes on walls. Every piece from his series of op-art murals seem like colorful portals inhabiting the urban landscape. The obvious layers of concrete lead to darkness and they are so realistically done that it is hard to believe they do not have the depth.

The process of making this kind of artwork is very specific. Firstly, 1010 picks a pattern which reflects the building it is painted on, so the mural would fit perfectly on the wall, looking as if it has been created naturally over time. 1010 works out from the dark centre of his image, layer by layer, to reach the lightest shades of colour on the periphery of his piece creating breathtaking shapes that burrow their way into the sides of buildings creating mural which joyfully plays with time and space.

1010 recently created one of his largest “portals” to date. Located over the closed section of highway in Paris, France, measuring 4500 square meter, this impressive optical illusion was painted over the course of 7 days using 400 liters (105.6 gallons) of paint. 1010 usually paints his “portals” on vertical surfaces, but this tremendous 3D piece of art is no less convincing on flat ground.

For his gallery shows, 1010 minimize his oversized murals into smaller works, primarily consisted of acrylic paint on hand-cut paper.

His acclaimed Abyss series presents an exploration of the horizon of perception, as well as the questioning of the nature of infinity in terms of meaning. One of the pieces from the Abyss series titled Abyss 49, is a mind-bending work which attracts its spectators into an thrilling world of graphic illusions and vibrant colors.

In one of his recent solo shows titled Limbus at the Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery, San Francisco, 1010 presented a new body of works on paper and panels along with new indoor and outdoor murals in the San Francisco Bay Area that further push the limits of his “portals” and invites the viewers to explore art beyond the confines of the gallery space. For the gallery works in the show Limbus, the artist explores smaller but similar ideas by hand painting layers of cut paper and finely adding the shadows to each layer creating a more intimate form of his “portals”.

Represented by Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA, 1010 lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.





Source: Kaaboo

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