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Axel Void


Axel Void (Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs) was born in Miami in 1986 to a Haitian mother and a Spanish father. He was raised in Spain from the age of three, where he was strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing. Axel Void has been in contact with graffiti writing since 1999. He studied Fine Arts in Cádiz, Granada, and Sevilla, and based himself in Berlin until moving to Miami in 2013, where he currently resides.


“Sisyphus”, Cities of Hope Festival, Manchester, England

“TIEMPO”, Artesano Festival, Nagua, Dominican Republic
“Tiempo” and “Empatia”, Artesano Festival, Nagua, Dominican Republic
Evoca1, Sebas Velasco & AxelVoid collaboration for Artesano Festival, Nagua, Dominican Republic
“Mediocre”, Dismaland, Weston-super-Mare, England
“C10H15N”, 352 Festival, Gainesville, FL, USA
“Hygge”, WEAArt Urban Art Festival, Aalborg, Denmark
CityLeaks Festival, Cologne, Germany
“Personne”, Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada
Katowice Sweet Art Festival, Szopienice, Katowice, Poland
SkyTV, Mosciano, Italy
“Harmony”, Montreal, Canada
“Dialogue”, Little Haiti, Miami, FL, USA
“Life”, St-art Festival, Delhi, India
“Life”, Conquer the Concrete Festival, Chennai, India
“Life”, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

“Dialogo”, Faith47 & AxelVoid collaboration for Artesano Project, Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic
“Life”, Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA
“The Other Football”, Queretaro, Mexico
“Gris”, Queretaro, Mexico
“Gavé”, Inti & AxelVoid collaboration, Djerba, Tunisia
Two Sebas Velasco & AxelVoid collaborations, Djerba, Tunisia
“Life”, independent mural in Djerba, Tunisia
“Grå”, Nipper Street & AxelVoid collaboration, Halsnøy, Norway
“Nobody”, Newark, NJ, USA
“Ninguen”, DesOrdes Creativas Festival, Galicia, Spain
Livin’ Streets Festival, Graz, Austria
Lupita & AxelVoid, Casa Mais Shelter, Aguascalientes, Mexico
“Nadie”, Mexico City, Mexico
Museo del Ferroviario, Oaxaca, Mexico
“Machete”, Morelia, Mexico
Tres Culturas Festival, Tarifa, Spain
“LIFE”, Historic Miami Marine Stadium Project, Miami, FL, USA
“21.11.07”, squat house, Sevilla, Spain
Street Alps Festival, Pinerolo, Italy
“Nessuno”, Avanguardie Urbane Roma Street Art Festival, Rome, Italy
“Justice For Reefa”, Berlin, Germany
“Matriz”, Javier Sande & AxelVoid collaboration, Antonio Gala Foundation, Cordoba, Spain
“Meaningless”, Pastel Fd, 2501 & AxelVoid collaboration, Mana Production Village, Wynwood, FL, USA

“Knife”, Friends and Family Art Event, Miami, FL, USA
“LIFE”, Palermo, Italy
Faculty of Social Sciences, Bergen, Norway
Beat Full Festival, Sicily, Italy
StreetArt Meeting, East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany
“Nonverbal”, Street Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“La maturita si perde l’eta”, Piazza Garraffello, Palermo, Italy
Jaz & AxelVoid Collaboration, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“MEAT”, LNY & AxelVoid Collaboration, Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“Nadie”, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Los Muros Hablan Festival, Santurce, Puerto Rico
Filio Galvez & AxelVoid collaboration, Los Muros Hablan Festival, La Perla, Puerto Rico
La Escocesa Mural Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Georgia Hill & AxelVoid collaboration, Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany
“HOME”, Los Muros Hablan International Urban Art festival, NY, USA
“NOBODY”, Living Walls Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA
“The Other Football”, John & Axel Void collaboration, Halsnøy, Norway
Huerta Del Rey Moro (Urban Garden), Sevilla, Spain
“R.I.P REEFA”, Miami, FL, USA
Stroke Art Fair, Berlin, Germany
Bame, Peter Phobia & Axel Void collaboration, Wurzburg, Germany
SickEmil, La He & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
“Manvs”, Linares, Jaen, Spain
La Bicicleteria, Sevilla, Spain
“DOG”, Palermo, Italy

“Mineros”, NewYork 59, Berlin, Germany
“FOOD”, ZMF Mobel Fabrik, Berlin, Germany
“Êtres Amiés”, Paris, France
Walls Zeta Lab multiple works, Palermo, Italy
Urban Art Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Peter Phobia & Axel Void collaboration, Luxembourg
“RAW”, Berlin, Germany
Beffroi Church, Place du Louvre, Paris, France
SatONE & AxelVoid collaboration, Munich, Germany
Laguna & AxelVoid collaboration, Almagro, Spain

Artbase Festival, Oranienburg, Germany
“Salvo”, Palermo, Italy
Rigaer 78, Berlin, Germany
Berlin multiple works, Germany
Sevilla multiple works, Spain
Vienna, Austria

Museo de Graffiti, Barcelona, Spain
University of Contemporary Art of Malaga, Spain
“LOVE”, Malaga, Spain
“Poliniza”, Valencia, Spain
Almagro, Spain
Ritual, Seleka & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
“Clavo”, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla, Spain

Junta de Andalucia, Puente del Alamillo, Sevilla, Spain
IV Asalto Festival, Laguna & AxelVoid collaboration, Zaragoza, Spain
Arte Urbano, Laguna, Remed, Fefe Talavera & AxelVoid collaboration, Bilbao, Spain

“Intervenciones en Jueves”, Sevilla, Spain
Algamasilla de Alba, Sevilla, Spain
Fafa, Seleka, Ionni, Joe, Ed Zumba, & AxelVoid collaboration, Puente del Aramillo, Sevilla, Spain
Chiclana, Spain
Laguna & AxelVoid collaboration, Puertollano, Spain
AKI Festival, Retry & AxelVoid collaboration, Enchede, Holland
VulgarisARTE, Ed Zumba, Seleka, Ionni & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
“Basura”, Fafa, Tina, Seleka, Iper, Binbo & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
Retry, Marco & AxelVoid collaboration, Hengelo, Holland
Rio Guadalquivir, Sevilla, Spain
“Homeless”, Fasim, San, Seleka, Joe & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
“PVNISH”, Sevilla, Spain
“It Is A Noble Sound”, New Orleans, LA, USA
Retry & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
El Niño de las Pinturas & AxelVoid collaboration, Granada, Spain
Forum de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
“Now There Is”, Belin & AxelVoid collaboration, Barcelona, Spain
Iglesia de Capuchinos, Cadiz, Spain
Sign, Boe & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
Ed Zumba & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
“Violence”, Baluarte de la Candelaria, Cadiz, Spain
“Violence”, Sevilla, Spain
Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo, Sevilla, Spain
Rio Guadalquivir multiple works, Sevilla, Spain
Sague, Boe & AxelVoid, Sevilla, Spain
Laguna, Seleka, Diva, Manu & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
Remed & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
Laguna & AxelVoid collaboration, Sevilla, Spain
“Fabrica de Vacio”, Granada, Spain
Blanco, Granada, Spain
La Chana, Granada, Spain
C.S.O Los Quince Gatos, Granada, Spain
Laguna & AxelVoid, Almagro, Castilla la Mancha, Spain
Margarita & AxelVoid collaboration, Granada, Spain
San Francisco, CA, USA
OsGemeos, Seleka, Okuda, Nina & AxelVoid collaboration, Barcelona, Spain
Leds Bezet, Amsterdam, Holland
Casa del Barco, Cadiz, Spain
“I’m Feeling Blue”, Casa del Barco, Cadiz, Spain
Cadiz Casco Antiguo, Spain
“En Memoria del Piki”, Cerro del Moro, Cadiz, Spain

Solo Exhibitions

“Skull”, Missouri State University, East Gallery
“Nobody”, Athen B Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA

“Sehnsucht”, BC Gallery, Berlin, Germany

“Mediocre: Rocio and Sofia”, MING Studios, Boise, ID, USA
“Knife”, BC Gallery, Berlin, Germany
CICUS, University of Sevilla, Spain

“Knife” Pop-up Show, Art Basel, Miami, FL, USA
“Mediocre”, Miami, FL, USA
“Mediocre”, Jaz collaboration, CCM, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Mediocre”, Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

“Mediocre” Pop-Up Show, Spree Boat House, Berlin, Germany

“Mediocre: Nicole Burnett”, XHOCH4 Galerie, Ingolstadt, Germany
“Mediocre: Ottawa”, La Petite Mort, Ottawa, Canada
“Mediocre: Montreal” OPP Gallery, Montreal, Canada
“Nothing New For Trash Like You”, Qanart Art Space, Palermo, Italy

“Poison”, Parzelle 403, Basel, Switzerland
“Numb”, Nice/Nice Gallery, Hannover, Germany

“Homeless”, Montana Sevilla, Spain
“Homeless”, SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain
“Frivolo”, Baluarte de la Candelaria, Cadiz, Spain

Down Baluarte, Baluarte la Candelaria, Cadiz, Spain

“Vacio”, La Telonera, Granada, Spain

“Plaza de España”, Cadiz, Spain

Group Exhibitions

Young New Yorkers Fundraiser, Manhattan, New York
“The Atrocity Exhibition”, Reed Projects & NuArt, Oslo, Norway

“Rough Cast”, Colab Gallery, Germany
Dismaland, Weston-super-Mare, England
SCOPE with BC Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Station16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada
“The Pitiless Gaze of Hysterical Realism”, The Popping Club Gallery, Rome, Italy
“Redux”, INOPERable Gallery, Vienna, Austria

“NO +DE 30”, SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain
Artesano Project, Basel, Miami
Moen Mason Gallery, Tucson, AZ, USA
BC Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Art Athina Fair, Stigma Lab Gallery, Athens, Greece

0034 Gallery, Sevilla, Spain
Bergen Street Art, Legal, Bergen, Norway
Urban Art Clash, Yaam, Berlin, Germany
“Friends and Family”, ArtBasel, Miami, FL, USA

“Voter’s Collection”, Art Basel, Miami, FL, USA
“Silence is a Lie”, Berlin, Germany

“13” Print show, Fronterasur, Diputacion de Cadiz, Spain

“3”, Pure Evil Gallery at London Newcastle Project Space, London, England
“Infidels”, La Petite Mort, Ottawa, Canada
“Conquistadores”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Katapult Galerie, Basel, Switzerland

International Theater Festival of Almagro, Spain

2nd Anniversary Montana Sevilla, Spain

1st Anniversary Montana Sevilla, CAS, Art Center of Sevilla, Spain
Balen Festival, Enschede, Holland
AKI Festival, Enschede, Holland
“Sala de Estar”, Sevilla, Spain
Montana Sevilla, Binbo, Laguna, Okuda, Remed & AxelVoid, Sevilla, Spain

Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla in collaboration with “Slk” and “Colectivo el Perro”, Sevilla, Spain
University of Fine Arts of Granada, Granada, Spain
“Agora”, Vienna, Austria
Sziget International Festival in collaboration with Agora, Budapest, Hungary
Sziget International Festival in collaboration with We Collective, Budapest, Hungary

“Facultad de Filosofía y Letras” Cadiz, Spain

Museum of Cadiz, Spain
“24 h”, University of Fine Arts of Sevilla, Spain
Art School of Cadiz, Spain
Palilleros Cultural Center, Cadiz, Spain

“Teatro Central Lechera”, Cadiz, Spain
Group Exhibition and Open Debate: “Forum de Barcelona”, Spain

Awards and Recognitions

Member of the Jury – Graffiti Contest “Todo Tuyo” Sevilla, Spain

1st Prize, Graffiti Contest of Festival Internacional de Teatro, Puertollano, Spain
Member of the Jury – Graffiti Contest, Algamasilla de Alba, Spain

3rd Prize, National Contest Fernando Quiñones, Cadiz, Spain

1st Prize, National Contest Fernando Quiñones, Cadiz, Spain


Lecture at Missouri State University, East Gallery
Cities of Hope, Contact, Manchester, England
Lecture at the University of Manchester, England

Studio lessions in Miami, FL, USA
Board Dripper Festival Lecture, Queretaro, Mexico
Museo del Barrio Lecture, Los Muros Hablan Festival, NY, USA
Portland State University Lecture, Portland, OR, USA

Mural Painting Teacher, University of Contemporary Art of Malaga, Spain
Art Teacher, “La Aldea Infantil”, Granada, Spain
La Facultad de Architectura Lecture, Sevilla, Spain
Studio lessons in El Coradon, Sevilla, Spain
Mural Painting Teacher, University of Contemporary Art “AKI”, Enschede, Holland

Chiclana City Hall Workshops, Chiclana, Spain
Asociacion Cardijn Workshops, Cadiz, Spain
El Cerro del Moro Workshops, Cadiz, Spain
Graffiti Workshops at La Movida Alternativa, Centro Deportivo, Cadiz, Spain




Mediocre: Rocio y Sofia
Mediocre (ongoing)

Media and Publications

Sky TV documentary feature, Mosciano, Italy

AxelVoid & L.E.O, Vantage Point Berlin Radio
STREETALPS Graffiti Art Festival “1944” feature

Part IV Living Walls Conference
AxelVoid for PSU Art & Social Practice
Vision Siete: “Mediocre” de Franco Fasoli / Jaz y AxelVoid
“Now I Know My…”, original book by Sharita Towne & AxelVoid

Juxtapoz magazine feature, September issue

Publication in “Walls&Frames”, published by Gestalten





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