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GRAFFITIWORLD brings to you THE RESIDENCY in San Miguel de Allende, located in the GUADALUPE ART DISTRICT neighborhood, where Public Art has been let loose by the municipal authorities. San Miguel is a UNESCO World Heritage site, where legislation forbids the alteration or modification of original architecture and decor ­ except for the select few areas where GRAFFITIWORLD and its fellow Street Art associations now take action.

In 2015 GRAFFITIWORLD joined the MUROS EN BLANCO festival team in order to bring their efforts to a new level of visibility and efficiency. By including world­class Mexican and foreign artists to join the festival and visit year­round, as well a with the valuable participation of Nueve Arte Urbano and their groundbreaking promotion of Street Art in nearby Queretaro, MUROS EN BLANCO seeks to cement San Miguel de Allende’s reputation as a global hot­spot for all forms of public and high concept art.

And so, Graffitiworld’s THE RESIDENCY offers a beautiful spot only four blocks away from the famous city center cathedral, smack in the middle of the Aurora and Guadalupe neighborhoods and a stone’s throw from the Aurora Arts and Design center, where over 60 galleries and art studios house creators from around the world.


Distrito de Arte Guadalupe

San Miguel de Allende was inducted into the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list in 2008 in recognition of its splendidly preserved colonial architecture and historical significance.

Because of this, it’s architecture and coloring schemes cannot be substantially altered. However, in response to growing vandalism and a lack of options for struggling youth, in 2011 the neighborhood of Guadalupe was designated as an Arts District, allowing for Street Art and other forms of public art.

Located across from the district lies the old textile factory known as La Aurora, now an Arts and Design center housing over 60 galleries, studios and office spaces. Combined, Guadalupe and Aurora neighborhoods are an ideal platform for national and international artists to develop, helping in turn to improve the cultural and economic landscape of the city, as well as adding to the tourist appeal.

Soon, other outlying neighborhoods in San Miguel are to be exempted from the ban on high­quality street art, allowing the young men and women in those neighborhoods to experiment the creative release of using spraypaint to create a large­scale urban mural that dominates and transforms the very street around it.

So, for 2016 and 2017 the San Miguel de Allende art area will expand, creating a larger playing field for the various visitors to the Muros en Blanco and Graffitiworld Residency programmes.



Graffitiworld’s The Residency offers artists more than just a roof over their heads and a space to rest, work and prepare for any specific projects in Mexico. G­World staff will assist you in wall­finding, as well as searching for any contracts and other work you may wish to undertake. We will facilitate contacts with galleries, brands, potential customers and local media, helping the artist get the most out of their creative time with us. You will also have access to Colleen Sorenson’s shared workshop, where you may learn specialized tiling and design techniques or create your own unique pieces.

Cost per person

—— per night

—— 1 month (4 weeks)

—— 2 month stay (8 weeks)

Shared room fare

—— per night

—— 1 month (4 weeks)

—— 2 month stay (8 weeks)

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