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Sebas Velasco “Warszawa Wschodnia” Warsaw, Poland

Sebas Velasco (Spain) just finished his most recent mural entitled “Warszawa Wschodnia” in Warsaw, Poland.

Sebas Velasco arrived to Warsaw few days before starting to work on his wall in Praga neighborhood. Located on the east side of Vistula river, this lively area was opposite of the Warsaw city center. While exploring the area he was captured by the atmosphere, the lights, the little bars and clubs around. It was there that he met a local guy who agreed to be a model for the mural, posing alongside iconic FSO Polonez car. Being part of the local underground scene – a waiter in a club as well as a musician in a local punk band, he was the perfect choice for the concept Velasco had in mind.
While taking reference photos the artist enjoyed the contrast between a car that was manufactured in socialist Poland against the modern atmosphere of the area, and especially the Western appearance of the main character. The local punk kid in a busy club is an image that can be found any place such as London, Detroit or Helsinky, but there are elements in the image that make it very local – the car, the L poster for Legia Varsovia football club.
Velasco was always fascinated with contradiction between globalization and local identities, especially when he started discovering these non-places on my travels around central or eastern Europe. Seeing gas stations, night shops, neon lights and light adds as something very American, he finds it very inspirational to find such places around Europe, especially when accompanied with local people that belong and represent a very different culture and history. He believes that these images can question the benefits of globalization, the transmission of cultures and identities from one point to other. With these kind of works he is trying to achieve the atmosphere similar to Jim Jarmusch films, in which main protagonists are usually outsiders placed in places with similar aesthetics.
This piece was titled “Warszawa Wschodnia” using the name of a local song from a band called Płyny. Since Praga is located in the east Warsaw and the image features elements of eastern Europe while having an overall western feel to it, Velasco wanted to point out the contradiction and the irony of it.





Source: Sebas Velasco

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